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Two Year Warranty - Larktale, Prams, Strollers, Pushchairs


Two year warranty badge for defects in material and workmanship
2 Year warranty

All Larktale products are warranted against defects resulting from faulty manufacture, parts or workmanship.

  1. This warranty only applies to purchases made of Larktale Products (“Product”) on or after February 2016.
  2. Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.
  3. The following warranty is only valid for Products that are purchased new and unused and are sourced from Larktale Pty Limited A.C.N. 162 582 738 (“Larktale”) or its authorised distribution channel:
    1. The warranty period for the Product is 24 months which commences from the date of purchase of the Product (“Warranty Period”).
    2. Subject to the applicable consumer laws, where a defect in the Product has arisen, wholly or substantially, as a result of the faulty manufacture, parts or workmanship during the Warranty Period and you have assembled and used the Product in accordance with its operating manual, then we will repair the Product, or replace any faulty parts or organise to send you spare parts of the Product (as Larktale considers appropriate) as set out in clause 5(d).
    3. The warranty does not apply where damage is caused to the Product by other factors, including without limitation where the damage is caused as a result of:
      1. misuse, mishandling or poor maintenance of the Product;
      2. improper installation of parts and/or accessories of the Product (being installation that has not been undertaken in accordance with the operating manual of the Product);
      3. use of a part or accessory to operate the Product that is not manufactured by Larktale;
      4. corrosion, mould, rust or deterioration caused to the Product by environmental conditions (such as humidity, salt spray, rain, ice or snow)
      5. lack of proper maintenance and servicing of the Product;
      6. normal wear and tear of the Product, including from everyday use;
      7. sun intensity, sweat, detergents, damp storage or frequent washing of the Product;
      8. epairs or modifications to the Product that are carried out by a third party;
      9. the use of the Product in a commercial situation or for any commercial purpose;
      10. an accident involving the Product; and
      11. air line, freight or other transportation of the Product.
    4. All our fabrics meet the highest standards regarding colourfastness against UV exposure. However, all materials discolour when they are exposed to UV light. This will be considered as normal wear and tear and not a material defect.
    5. Despite any other provision in these terms, the warranty will not apply to any damage to the Product where the serial number has been damaged or removed from the Product.
    6. This warranty only applies to the original purchaser of the Product and is not transferable to any subsequent purchaser of the Product.
    7. A warranty claim must be made within the Warranty Period.
    8. Larktale reserves the right to discontinue a model, colour, fabric or accessory, and therefore may replace a part, with an equivalent product, colour or fabric, during the valid Warranty Period.
  4. The benefits provided to you by the warranty (detailed in paragraph 3) are in addition to other rights and remedies available to you under the Australian Consumer Law.
  5. You must follow the following procedures to make a warranty claim:
    1. As soon as the warranty claim arises in relation to the Product, you must inform us immediately of the warranty claim by contacting us on our email address and cease using the Product. Please include the following details in the email:
      1. contact details;
      2. a copy of the proof of purchase of the Product which clearly shows the receipt number;
      3. the model number of the Product; and
      4. detailed description of the warranty defect of the Product (including image samples and any other relevant material).
    2. We will consider your claim and will endeavour to respond to your email within 5 business days. Depending on the circumstances of the claim and subject to complying with applicable consumer laws in Australia, we may:
      1. ask you to return the Product to Larktale for repair at your own cost;
      2. arrange collection of the Product from a nominated address at our own cost; or
      3. organise inspection of the Product by an employee or agent of Larktale at our own cost.
    3. If we have arranged to collect the Product in accordance with paragraph 5(b)(ii) or have arranged an inspection of the Product in accordance with paragraph 5(b)(iii), we will contact you to discuss next steps and may provide you with further information about the repair procedure (if any) following the collection or inspection of the Product.
    4. Larktale reserves the right to determine if warranty terms and conditions have been met. If the warranty claim is accepted, then Larktale will at its own cost:
      1. repair the Product or replace any faulty parts of the Product or rectify any fault workmanship and return the Product to you; and/or
      2. organise to send you spare parts of the Product for to you to assemble yourself (for the avoidance of doubt, you will need to assemble the spare parts at your own cost).
  6. The warranty referred to in paragraph 3 is provided by:Larktale Pty Limited A.C.N. 162 582 738
    PO Box 6367, Frenches Forest,
    NSW 2086, Australia
    Phone: 1800 019 009
  7. Please contact Larktale if you have any questions regarding this warranty.