4 Fun Ways to Enjoy Springtime with Your Little Ones

Spring has officially sprung - as the weather warms up, here’s how to make the most of it as a family
Written by Mia Weber

March 21 officially marked the vernal equinox and the start of spring! After being cooped up all winter, kiddos are likely to be ready to get outside, explore, play and move, and enjoy the warming temperatures. Whether you have a baby, a toddler, or an older child, here are a few fun twists on springtime family fun that can be enjoyed in just about any locale!

Explore Your Neighborhood in a New Way: Taking a leisurely walk is a no-brainer for a sunny day, but if you’ve gotten used to the same route every time you take your favorite Larktale stroller (be it the coast or the chit chat) for a spin, try mapping a path and getting to know your area in a different way. If you have older children this can also be a great way for them to learn more about their surroundings and develop a sense of place and direction–and it’s also a fun opportunity for kiddos to hop on their scoobi if they’d prefer to scoot instead of walk. If you live in a rural area, ask your kids to take note of new scenery and natural landmarks that stand out to them, and if you’re in an urban setting see if there are fun shops or cafes you could take your kids to.

Pick a New Park: In the same vein as intentional neighborhood exploration, checking out a park you’ve never been to is an easy way to switch up a routine activity. If you have older kids, ask them to help you research where to go–ask them what attributes make a park fun for them, like playgrounds, gardens, or public art. Once you’ve selected a location, bring your Larktale caravan stroller/wagon along and load it up with picnic essentials and outdoor toys and treat your littles to a festive al fresco lunch!

Show Mother Earth Some Love: Earth Day is coming up on April 22, and it’s never too soon to start teaching children about the importance of caring for our planet! Talk to your kids about why you do things at home like recycling and using water and energy in a mindful way–these are ideas that even toddlers can start to absorb and understand when explained in an age-appropriate way. Go to your local library and check out kids' books with environmental themes, engage your littles in planning a tree or flowers if you have yard space to do so, or take on a trash clean-up mission on your street or at a local beach or park. If you turn it into a game, kids are sure to get on board!

Backyard Bird Watching: It’s just a fact that kids love birds and animals, and springtime is a great time to spot new ones! Challenge your little ones to be on the lookout for birds and critters–either by looking out the window or while you’re having outdoor playtime. When they spot one you can engage them in looking up what it is and learning about it; and it your child enjoys art, encourage them to draw what they see. For older school-age kids, turn it into a season-long challenge to see how many of your area's common birds they can spot. This is an equally enjoyable activity for grownups too!