5 Fabulous Children’s Books to Set the Mood for 2022

Set your kids up for a fantastic year with five new children’s books that are sure to take your home library to the next level!
Written by Mia Weber

It’s hard to believe but 2022 is here–where has the time gone? One great thing about starting a fresh new year is that it’s the perfect time to set intentions for the coming months with your little ones–and bringing new books into the mix is a fantastic way to do that. 

Whether you have a new baby who you’re reading to but they aren’t quite following the story yet, or you have older kiddos who are actively engaged in story time and have opinions about the kinds of books they like, we’ve picked five fun new titles for ages 0-5 that are sure to surprise, delight, and inspire! 

We’ve linked the books out to online retailers, but bonus points to you and your fam if you take a family excursion to purchase them at your local independent bookstore or go the sustainable route and check them out of the library!

alice waters cooks up a food revolution book cover

Alice Waters Cooks Up a Food Revolution, by Diane Stanely: Foodie moms and dads are sure to love this book about culinary hero Alice Waters and her remarkable road to opening the celebrated Chez Panisse and inspiring a “food revolution” in the process. Complete with whimsical illustrations, this is perfect for children who are already showing an interest in helping in the kitchen or asking questions about where their food comes from.


watercress book cover

Watercress, by Andrea Wang: This award-winning (it recently received a Caldecott medal, among other deserved prizes) book is told from an autobiographical perspective of a first-generation child of Chinese immigrants. Watercress explores the journey of discovering, understanding, and embracing one’s heritage and family–and it’s done so in a graceful and moving style, complete with gorgeous illustrations inspired by Chinese painting traditions.


Bananas for you book cover

 Bananas for You, by Sabrina Moyle: Just in time for Valentine’s Day, this oh-so-sweet new release from the popular Hello!Lucky line of children’s books is perfect for toddlers who like bright colors and bold illustrations. Full of seasonal puns about love and laughter (and bananas, of course) this cute title is sure to result in smiles all around. It makes for a fun V-Day gift as well.


the pigeon will ride the roller coaster book cover

The Pigeon Will Ride the Rollercoaster!, by Mo Willems: Okay, we know: You don’t need us to tell you just how popular and beloved author and illustrator Mo Willems is! But since he has an eagerly anticipated new tome in the Pigeon series coming out super-soon, we’re going to tell you anyway! If your brood is new to Willems’ work, this book–about mischievous and confident pigeon who (spoiler alert) goes for a rollercoaster ride–is a great jumping in point…and if your playroom library is already full of his work, this is another delightful chapter to add!


cleo wade what the road said book cover
What the Road Said, by Cleo Wade: Any parents who are fans of acclaimed poet, activist, and artist Cleo Wade's work can now find joy in sharing her words with their children through her very first children’s book! Equal parts soothing and inspiring, Wade–who is a mother of two young children herself–pushes her little readers towards embracing leadership, adapting gracefully to obstacles, and always choosing kindness and compassion when doing so!