Celebrate Baby Safety Month with the JPMA

September is Baby Safety Month -- Mark the Occasion with Expert Tips from the JPMA
Written by Mia Weber

Every September, the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) marks Baby Safety Month by publishing vital safety information and tips for new parents on different topics in baby safety. Whether you’re an expectant or new parent still learning the basics, or you’re a toddler parent or expecting your second or third little one, it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with guidelines and best practices that could save your child’s life!

Read on for an overview of the topics that the JPMA is focusing on for 2021!

The Basics
When it comes to the basics of baby safety, one great place to start is with your shopping list for baby gear. Do your research when it comes to baby gear and furniture and only buy from brands that meet or exceed industry standards. Generally speaking, a few other shopping rules include:

  • New products are safer than used ones (and you should never buy a used car seat)
  • Always register your baby gear with the manufacturer
  • Always use your baby gear only as directed by the manufacturer (and always read the manual)
  • Be mindful of ages and stages--many products are only for certain time periods in baby’s growth

Bathroom Safety
The number one rule of bathroom safety is to never leave a baby alone in the bathroom for any reason. That said, bath-time with your baby can be a very fun experience and one that encourages bonding as well. Don’t be overwhelmed, but just be mindful of the environment, be sure that you’re using any bath aids or bath toys properly, and keep the following JPMA-recommended rules in mind:

  • Be aware of water temperature--never let your temp go above 120 degrees F
  • When using a baby bath seat, always adjust and position the seat first before putting baby inside
  • Use a toilet seat lock to keep your lid and seat in place so that your baby doesn’t have a chance of opening it accidentally
  • Make sure to childproof any bathroom drawers or cabinets that could have harmful chemicals or cleaning supplies in them

Playtime Safety
Playtime is arguably one of the very best aspects of being a new parent. To ensure that it stays that way, make sure you have a safe play environment by securing any large furniture pieces with anti-tip kits and making sure that the playroom or nursery is baby-proofed with outlet covers and cabinet locks. If you’re including a swing or bouncer as part of playtime, follow these simple rules to keep things extra safe:

  • Always set your swing or bouncer on a flat, level surface
  • Read all of the recommendations about age, height, and weight for the swing or bouncer
  • Never leave your baby unattended during playtime, even if they’re in their bouncer

Car Seat Safety
For every parent, car seat safety is going to be one of the absolute most important aspects of caring for your baby. Take extra care to do your research on which car seat brands have the best reputations and meet or exceed industry standards (and as we mentioned before--never buy a used car seat), install your seat correctly every single time, and understand what adjustments you may need to make with the seat as your baby grows. Most reputable brands will offer an extensive user manual, as well as how-to videos on their websites. Once you feel confident in car seat use and installation, make sure that your spouse or partner, as well as any additional care givers (like grandparents and nannies) also have the hang of all usage aspects. Here are a few additional rules to keep in mind:

  • Never leave your baby alone in the car
  • Register your car seat with the manufacturer and act accordingly in the event of a recall
  • Remember to bring your car seat (and all parts required for usage) when travelling--it’s also recommended to use your car seat on an airplane the same way you would in a car
  • If your car seat is ever involved in a collision, replace it (even it looks fine and did its job to protect your child)

Learn more about baby safety and the great work by our friends at the JPMA by visiting jpma.org