How to Have a Safe, Spooky & Socially Distant Halloween

With traditions like haunted houses, trick-or-treating, and parties off the table, here are some tips to celebrate Halloween with little ones 2020-style
Written by Mia Weber

From the perspective of us grown-ups, all of 2020 has basically been one big haunted house. But for kiddos, one of the toughest parts is not being able to partake in holiday traditions and the silly rituals of being a kid at times like Halloween in order to keep everyone healthy. But just because trick-or-treating and big parties are a no-go, it doesn’t mean that little ones of all ages can’t enjoy some fright-night fun this fall! Read on for some easy DIY tips that will have the whole family in the spooky spirit.

Decorate, Decorate, Decorate
Whether you have a toddler or teenager, seasonal decorations are usually a delight for kids. If there was ever a time to lean hard into slightly-cheesy holiday decor in the interest of getting some grins out of your kiddos, it’s now. If your kids are old enough, bring them into the process--ask them to help you pick out some spooky accoutrements online and then engage them in putting the items up all over the house and the yard. For slightly older children, bring a craft into the mix as well. Let them guide you about what types of Halloween crafts might be the most fun for them, and then pull out all the stops in making it happen.

Celebrate with Your Pod
If you feel comfortable socializing with a select few other families with kids the same ages as yours--be they neighbors, or classmates or cousins and family friends--circle the wagons and make a plan! If you live close to one another, maybe a limited run trick-or-treat is possible amongst your bubble-mates; if the weather is still mild where you live, consider a backyard costume contest with Halloween-themed snacks; or if there’s a large, wide-open pumpkin patch in your neck of the woods, coordinate with your pod for an outing to pick gourds and then carve then together outside at a social distance. 

Use Technology
By now, we all have a certain amount of Zoom fatigue, but it can’t be denied that video conferencing does make connection with those outside our immediate bubbles much easier. Lean into it for Halloween! Maybe you set up a video-chat costume contest with Grandma and Grandpa out of state or engage in a virtual dance party with toddler’s playdate pals they haven’t seen as much of lately. However you use the technology, add some Halloween flare in the way of dressing up, candy, and spooky hijinks.