How to Have the Best Fall Ever with Your Toddler in Tow

Experience the best of the season with a little help from your Larktale caravan
Written by: Mia Weber

Ah, fall–it’s finally here! The changing leaves, the pumpkin patches and apple orchards, the adorable babies and toddlers in their first Halloween costumes. If you’re looking forward to getting out and about with your family this season but think you might need a little help when it comes to toting your toddler (and all of their gear), read on for our top tips for how our caravan Stroller Wagon makes every autumnal adventure a breeze!

Pumpkin Patch Power Player: Behind every oh-so-cute photo of a smiling 2-year-old in a fuzzy sweater posing sweetly amongst oversized pumpkins with a side of cider doughnuts is a parent who schlepped back and forth from the car countless times. The interior of the caravan wagon measures at 18x36 inches–ample space for backup sweaters (in case option A is “too itchy” and option B is “too hot”) as well as your diaper bag, all necessary snacks, and your gourds of choice at the end of the day!

Trick-or-Treat Takeover: The main event in the month of October is, of course, Halloween! Once you and your little one have made the tough choice of what their costume should be (Paw Patrol? Pokemon? Princess Charlotte?) it’s time to plan your trick-or-treating route. Whether you’re hitting every house in town or just taking a short spin around your cul-de-sac, an extra set of wheels never hurts when small children and candy are involved. The caravan’s push or pull feature, spacious storage basket, and multitude of weather protection add-ons make it the perfect vehicle for touring your neighborhood’s haunted houses…plus, just think of how fun it will be to decorate the wagon with spooky accouterments with your kiddos!

All About Apple-Picking: There’s no denying it–apples are the official fruit of fall! There’s nothing better on a crisp fall day than a family trip to your local apple orchard. Ensure that the whole fam comes back from your picking adventure with energy to keep the fun going by baking some pies by bringing the caravan along for an assist when the littles need a rest. The caravan not only has plenty of space for stashing your apple bushels, but the adjustable handlebar and all-terrain wheels mean that it’s super-easy to maneuver through the trees, over the hills, and back to home base for hot apple cider for all! 

Let’s Be Honest: Target Run & PSL: Okay, let’s be real, mamas–we know that in between all the fall festivities for your pint-sized pumpkins, you’re going to need to stock up on seasonal essentials, cross errands off your list at warp speed, and treat yourself to a #PumpkinSpice beverage at your coffee shop of choice. Kids along for the ride? No prob! The caravan has an easy-access cup holder for your autumnal caffeine fix, plenty of interior pockets for keeping wallets, phones, chargers, and keys organized. Let’s face it: We all know that your local Target parking lot two days before Halloween is the true meaning of “trick-or-treat” for grownups–reward yourself for a to-do list well-done by letting caravan keep your kids comfy and happy all season long!