Larktale’s Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

Written by Mia Weber

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and one thing is for sure during these uncertain times: All the dads out there tackling Zoom school with the kids while also working, and supporting their partners in keeping the kids and house in order, deserve an extra special celebration this year!

Our Father’s Day Gift Guide has a super-cool gift for every dad in your life—be they your partner, your own dad, your brother, your son, your bestie, or simply a fatherly figure close to your heart. Shop on and let the #DadJokes commence!

gift guide: Izola Red Cedar CandleFor the Woodsy Dad: Izola Red Cedar Candle: File this one under the category of gifts-mom-can-enjoy-too! Made from 100 percent vegetable wax poured into a recycled glass vessel, this candle not only offers up soothing scents of wood and smoke, but also is American-made and sustainably manufactured. $38,

gift guide: United by Blue Mountain Silhouette HatFor the Hip Dad: United by Blue Mountain Silhouette Hat: For the fashionable father, a hip hat is always in style. This topper is perfect for sunny days out and about with the family or for a hike in the woods. Plus, for every product purchased, United by Blue will remove 1lb of trash from the world’s oceans. $16.80,

gift guide: the falcon thief bookFor the Bookworm Dad: The Falcon Thief: For some reason, dads nationwide love birds and bird-watching. That makes the recently release Falcon Thief: A True Tale of Adventure, Treachery, and the Hunt for the Perfect Bird by Joshua Hammer, the perfect Father’s Day gift. The tome is a real-life expose on the underground world of the falcon trade and it’s guaranteed to satisfy any reader’s appetite for both adventure and bird trivia. $26,

gift guide: Bawston & Tucker Solid Cologne Sample SetFor the Well-Groomed Dad: Bawston & Tucker Solid Cologne Sample Set: For any dad who likes to add a little something extra to their daily routine, solid cologne is a real game-changer. This sampler set from Bawston & Tucker is handmade in Alabama and offers four alluring fragrances that are easy to apply, easy to travel with, and sure to delight any dad who enjoys a little self-care to put some pep in his step. $35,

gift guide: L.L.Bean Softpack CoolerFor the Adventurous Dad: L.L.Bean Softpack Cooler: Whether the dad in your life is constantly seeking adventure in the form of camping and hiking, or a picnic in the park is more his speed, you can’t go wrong with a classic cooler pack from L.L.Bean. This brightly colored option stores 36-48 cans, plus ice! $69,

gift guide: Kiel James Patrick  Newport Adventurer WatchFor the Preppy Dad: Kiel James Patrick  Newport Adventurer Watch: If the stylish daddio in your house routinely pairs his topsiders with color-coordinated polos, this prepster-approved timepiece is for him! Designed by Kiel James Patrick (the ultimate preppy dad himself) in Rhode Island, this watch features a leather strap, Sapphire glass crystal, a solid brass case, and an option for an engraving if desired. $198,

gift guide: Compartes Nightcap Whisky Dark Chocolate BarFor the Sweet-Tooth Dad: Compartes Nightcap Whisky Dark Chocolate Bar: Finally, a candy bar that dad is under no circumstances obligated to share with the kids! This tasty morsel is handcrafted in LA and brings together the timeless taste sensations of dark chocolate and smooth whisky. $9.95,

gift guide: Larktale stroller fanFor the High-Tech Dad: Larktale Stroller Fan & Mister: For the new dad in your life, add some swag to his daily stroller walks around the block with Larktale’s Stroller Fan & Mister. This high-tech wonder (which is sure to come in handy as temperatures heat up for summer) mounts right onto all stroller models and features three fan speeds, as well as a refillable water reservoir for a misting option. This is an easy-to-use gadget that the whole family can enjoy (plus, you can totally mount it onto beach chairs, boats, wheelchairs, and more once baby has grown out of their stroller)! $49.99,