LarkTales: Real Larktale Stroller Stories from Real Parents

Bicoastal theater industry parents Ryan & Lindsay share how their Larktale stroller ensures that show always goes on when it comes to parenthood
Written by Mia Weber

In the second installment of our on-going column, we are catching up with real parents all over the country about how they use their Larktale strollers for fun, family time, and all of life’s on-the-go moments. This month, we caught up with bicoastal—they normally live in New York City but spent the past year in San Francisco—parents Ryan and Lindsay Kasprzak. 

They both work in theater, Ryan as the Dance Supervisor for “Hamilton” and Lindsay as a Broadway casting director, and love to travel and spend time outdoors. They have a spirited and active 4-year-old daughter, and are super-excited to welcome baby No. 2 this April. Ryan gave us the scoop on how the family enjoys quality time on both coasts, the parenting books he and Lindsay swear by, and how their Chit Chat stroller was the baby gear upgrade they “didn’t know they needed” until they took for a spin on a busy city sidewalk!

What are your favorite family activities? 
"The great joy of being in California is you can get outside year-round. We love spending time in the Presidio or walking to the farmer’s market. San Francisco also has unbelievable museums for kids. Our favorites are the California Academy of Sciences and the Bay Area Discovery Museum."

When you were expecting your first child, what were some of your top concerns? 
"As two working parents, childcare was a huge concern. Trying to find a nice work-life balance continues to be one of our biggest challenges."

What are some of your go-to parenting resources?
"We swear by The Baby Sleep Solution by Suzy Giardano. It really works and our daughter was sleeping 11 hours by 12 weeks. What a dream! As she’s gotten older, I’ve found great comfort in the philosophies of Dr. S Shefali Tsabary. Her books—The Conscious Parent and The Awakened Family—provide incredible insight into our relationships with our children and suggest wonderful ideas about empowering them as strong, independent humans."

Did you get any funny or strange unsolicited advice when you were expecting?
"As we are expecting our second child this spring, our daughter keeps suggesting names for her little brother. I’m pretty sure she’s just running through the names of the boys at her school."

What have some of the biggest surprises about parenthood been?
"I think having kids become a constant reminder of how amazing the world is and how we should all take a moment to appreciate the sights and sounds that surround us. They have such joy in the way they approach the world and it’s easy to forget that when you become a grown up. Also, there’s no way to anticipate how hysterical your kids are. The things they say and the silly things they do will always keep you laughing."

What were your top priorities when looking for baby gear and creating your registry?
"We’re city people who travel a ton. We need things that are compact, efficient, and built to move."

How does Larktale fit into your life as a busy parent?
"The Larktale Chit Chat was the stroller upgrade we didn’t know we needed. It’s quick and nimble which is perfect for those crowded city sidewalks. It’s also super light and easy to fold. It’s perfect for hustling on and off the bus or the subway. The Larktale stroller is the ultimate essential for the metropolitan parent. We love it!"


For more real-life stories of how real moms and dads are living their best lives as new parents, with their Larktale strollers in tow, stay tuned to our blog this year