Three Simple Parenting Tips for Leading a Sustainable Lifestyle

Taking your first eco-friendly steps (or strolls) is easier than you may think!
Written by Sarah Orrison

Earth Day is the perfect time to celebrate Mother Nature and reflect on how we all can start living a more sustainable lifestyle. We’re sharing 3 simple tips you can start implementing now to start going (& strolling) green!

Striving to be more eco-friendly as a parent can be tough. Every time you turn around it seems like there is a new spill to clean or hand to be wiped. The thought of giving up the convenience of paper towels may seem daunting, but once you commit to making the switch, you’ll never look back. Here are our picks for the best paper towel alternatives that will reduce waste and save money:

  • Microfiber cloths from brands like Norwex are reusable and reduce our reliance on harmful chemicals.
  • Swedish Dishcloths are reusable, biodegradable and a great way to go eco-friendly in style. They are also available in some super fun prints!
  • Bamboo paper towels can be reused a few times before composting. These are a great option if you’re not ready to go all-in on removing paper towels from your home.

These days, there are so many fun, reusable choices for your everyday kitchen necessities. These are some of our favorites that will get you well on your way to rethinking about common cooking disposables:

  • Investing in reusable baggies is a simple and easy solution for on-the-go snacks and food storage. Popular brand, Stasher, is dishwasher and microwave safe + offers bags of all sizes.
  • Beeswax covers, like brand, Bee’s Wrap, are calling for a wrap on single-use plastics. These covers are reusable and an all-natural way to store food.
  • Eco-friendly baking never tasted so sweet with non-stick reusable baking mats, like those from French brand, Silpat. These mats replace the need for the likes of one-time use parchment paper and foil.

The last word in this mantra isn’t only for products you consume. Did you know that there are several Larktale products that are recyclable? You can stroll green knowing the line-up below uses Larktale’s patented SpaceFrame Technology, which helps make our gear incredibly lightweight, strong and recyclable.

  • Chit Chat™ Stroller: Perfect for everyday use, the multi-award winning chit chat™ has a small compact fold and is easy to store and carry. With an ergonomic and recyclable design, on-the-go parents can feel confident that they’re strolling green.
  • Chit Chat™ Plus Stroller: The chit chat™ plus stroller is lightweight and newborn-ready, so you can stroll green from day one. The eco-friendly (and recyclable) chit chat™ plus has a full recline, sun canopy and all the accessories you could ever need included!
  • Scoobi™ 5-in-1 Scooter: Keep them going as they’re growing with the 5-in-1 convertible scoobi™ scooter. With five different rider transitions, the adaptability of this scooter eliminates the need to buy multiple products + the scoobi™ is completely recyclable. Eco-conscious parents rejoice!

We wish you a Happy Earth Month and Day, and all the best in taking those first steps (& strolls) towards leading a sustainable lifestyle. We remain committed to offering parents eco-friendly, affordable options in their essential baby gear.