Which Larktale is Right for You?

Larktale Strollers offers products for a variety of ages, stages, and lifestyles--check out our guide and find which one is right for your family
Written by Mia Weber

Every family has different needs when it comes to taking their proverbial show on the road! Your stroller and mobility needs are going to be different with a newborn baby than they are with a toddler; a family with two or three children has different considerations than a family with just one kiddo; and city fams face a different road ahead than suburban ones. 

That said, despite this variety in stroller needs, Larktale likely has the wheels you need--regardless of the ages and stages of your little ones, the size of your brood, and your lifestyle and residential choices! Read on for our handy guide to our signature products to help you shop for the Larktale model that suits you best!

chit chat® Stroller: One of our signature items, the classic chit chat is lightweight (weighing in at 14.5 lbs) and oh-so-easy to travel with, thanks to it’s quick and compact fold. This stroller is suitable for babies starting at 6 months of age and is made sustainably from recycled nylon. This snazzy set of wheels is great for urban families who rely on public transit often--it’s easy to fold the chit chat up and carry it compactly onto a bus or subway. This model is also a popular choice as a secondary stroller to keep at Grandma’s place.

chit chat® Plus Stroller: The Plus version of the chit chat offers all of the ease, maneuverability, and eco-friendliness of the classic option, but it also offers a full recline that makes this model suitable for a newborn baby. You also get a premium sun canopy and additional accessories. Like the original chit chat, this stroller is a favorite of city-dwellers--and the sun canopy makes it especially popular in sunny cities like Los Angeles!

autofold™ Stroller: The autofold is truly a magical sight to behold. Crafted with patent-pending technology, this stroller literally folds itself up with the press of the fold triggers and flip of the handle. This stroller is suitable from birth with a full-recline and Newborn Foot Barrier, and weighs just under 20 lbs. Given that it’s little heavier than the chit chat models, this stroller is ideal for new parents in suburban areas who are on-the-go with their newborn and want their primary stroller to last through the toddler years (the autofold is suitable up to 55 lbs). A Car Seat Adapter is also available for parents who use an automobile as their main transportation.

coast™ Stroller: Another one of our signature pieces, the coast is as popular as it is innovative. Made with Larktale’s patented Compac3™ 3D-fold technology, this full-featured stroller model is super-easy to fold up compactly. The coast can be used from birth through 55 lbs and offers many premium features like an adjustable handlebar, newborn foot barrier and roomy storage space. This stroller is also perfect for parents who want plenty of options--it’s very easy to add a compatible infant car seat using a car seat adapter, or our folding carry cot, in order to build your own customized travel system.

coast™ + Clek Travel System: One of our favorite things to do is work with our peers in the juvenile products industry to make baby safety magic! Thus, we are super-proud of our partnership with Clek, one of the top car seat providers on the market. The coast + Clek Travel System consists of our classic coast stroller paired with the celebrated Clek Liingo car seat. Suitable for use from 4 lbs up to 35 lbs), the Liingo is the only infant car seat available with the LATCH connectors directly on the car seat carrier, which means that there is no need for a car seat base (and therefore easy to install into cabs and car rentals, and avoid purchasing multiple bases for multiple family cars). We recommend this travel system to parents who are in search of their perfect car seat as well as a stroller! 

caravan™ Stroller/Wagon: If you’ve been to a farmer's market or park lately, you’ve likely spotted a stroller wagon--the latest trend in family mobility! Our caravan stroller wagon has space for two toddlers to sit comfortably in patent-pending reclining seats, plus roomy storage space and an optional best-in-class sun canopy set that includes both rain and bug coverage. The caravan can also be a major-game changer for parents with special needs children. Stroller wagons typically offer a higher weight capacity and larger seat sizes than standard strollers, so it’s a safe and easy choice for children who might need extra mobility support beyond their toddler years. They feel more fun and more age-appropriate than continuing stroller use--so your growing child is sure to feel more confident and comfortable, and you as the parent still have peace of mind in terms of safety and support. Plus, the full-coverage sun canopy set (sold separately) can provide some coverage against environmental triggers for littles with sensory issues.