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Add peace of mind and protect your stroller investment with an extra 2-year warranty. With our Extended Warranty, you'll receive an additional 2 years of protection, for a total of 4 years guaranteed against manufacture defects on your caravan coupe stroller/wagon.

The coverage period of the Larktale Extended Warranty will begin at the completion of your included standard warranty period. As with our standard warranty, the Extended Warranty protects against manufacture defects and will not apply where damage is caused to the Product by external factors including but not limited to:

  • Misuse, mishandling or poor maintenance of the Product.
  • Improper installation of parts and/or accessories.
  • The use of a part or accessory that is not manufactured by Larktale.
  • Corrosion, mold, rust or deterioration caused by environmental conditions.
  • Lack of proper maintenance and servicing.
  • Normal wear and tear of the Product, including everyday or extensive use.
  • Damage caused by sun intensity, sweat, detergents, damp storage or frequent washing.
  • 3rd party repairs or modifications not approved by Larktale.
  • The use of the Product for any commercial purpose.
  • If the product was involved in an accident or damage caused by airlines, freight or other transportation services.

The warranty will not apply to any damage to the Product where the serial number has been damaged or removed from the Product.

The Extended Warranty is only applicable when a claim is made by the original owner of the Product and only be valid when purchased within 2 years of your applicable Product purchase date from Larktale.com or from an authorized Larktale retailer. It cannot be purchased to provide coverage to Larktale Product that are purchased second-hand or from un-authorized retailers. Proof of purchase of the original Product and the Extended Warranty will be required to file a claim within the Extended Warranty period.



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