Pull Bar Kit for caravan

Make strolling with your caravan™ over sand and uneven terrain even easier with the caravan Pull Bar Kit! Mounts over the front wheels of your Larktale caravan and provides a padded handlebar so users can comfortably pull their stroller/wagon from the front. Perfect for beach trips or frequent use over uneven and loose terrain. Securely stows away against the frame of your stroller/wagon, or remove it altogether using the quick release latches, when not in use.

  • Helps you pull your caravan from the front over sand and other loose terrains
  • Angled design with comfortably padded leatherette grip
  • Kit mounting brackets attach to the frame over the front wheels of the caravan and are designed to stay in place even when the pull bar is not in use
  • Quickly latch and unlatch the Pull Bar from the mounting bracket without having to remove the brackets from the caravan frame
  • Storage strap to securely stow the Pull Bar against the caravan frame when not in use
  • Storage strap doubles as a safety wrist strap to help maintain hand contact with your caravan stroller/wagon




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